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At Dr MPS World School, the children grow and developm in an environment which stimulates a child’s thirst for knowledge, rejuvenates him to embrace the culture and creates passion to enhance the quality of life.

To develop a child’s creative self expression, we have well equipped specially designed art studios with facilities for painting, clay modeling, drawing, tie & dye, embroidery, knitting and doll making etc.



Dr MPS World School we have evolved five different levels as per the class and age of the child.


Level 1 – Nursery, KG
Level 2 – I to III
Level 3 – IV to V
Level 4 – VI to VIII
Level 5 – IX to above


In level 1 & 2, we follow a Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation based on performance in class, monthly tests, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
In level 3,4 & 5, we follow two term system with examination at the end of each term. Continuous & comprehensive evaluation based on class performance, class tests, term exams, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.


  • Term I- April to September
  • Term II- October to March


Holistic learning with great emphasis on Indian Values is the prime focus of our schooling. We nurture students in the school in a stress free environment.
Our main objective is to identify the talents and skills of the students and empower them with positive strength.
The point grading scale, recommended by the CBSE, is followed to indicate the progress of the students.
Regularity in attendence & work is imperative and encouraged.
Extensive use of Audio Visual Aids is promoted in the classrooms.
Personalized Attention is given to each and every child.
Educational trips, Excursions Summer Camps to the nearby places are conducted to acquaint children with flora, fauna, history and environment.
Cultural Programmes, Quiz, Debates, Skits, Singing and Dancing competitions are organized regularly in the campus.
Utmost emphasis on fluency in Spoken & Written English, Communication Skills, Etiquettes and Manners.