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“Every Child is gifted but many parents have not opened their gift”

Dear Parents


New challenges are appearing in all aspects of human existence. There is a huge paradigm shifts in the parameters of success in the 21st century. Good schools try to identify these parameters and articulate them as to equip their children with appropriate skills and competencies. Children need to be prepared to confidently face the changing scenario with courage and to be successful in their endeavors.


One of the most important aspects of a good school is the understanding and partnership between the school and parents who work together in the best interest of children. There is no question about its success as the school begins at home. We recognize the importance of parent’s contributions towards a child success in school. Parents are the single most important variable in child’s schooling. Hopefully we can provide time for our children in exploring their growth.


Its my great pleasure to invite you, come and make collaboration- where school, parents and children work together as a united body to support their learning and exploration, their creativity and discovery, their thoughts and dreams for the future.


Neelam Singh
Founder & Co-Chairperson