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A paucity of research has kept India from achieving its best. We still need to do much research in agriculture and the wonderful things that a country has in abundance. Sadly, we are unable to exploit our potential. This is because we overburden our students with rote learning and stifle their creativity. Our education system is designed to create burn outs that lack the creativity to dream of something big and unique. Grades and class room work creates students who look at education with a myopic view. We at Dr. MPS World School encourage leadership enquiry and creativity to combat the demons that hinder personal and collective growth.


We have a staff that mentor our students using the latest technology and an array of techniques which helps our students question existing theories and suggest methods for growth and enquiry. The family of Dr.MPS World School, Agra truly loves watching students evolve into vibrant leaders of tomorrow.


Our labs and infrastructure is second to none in the city and so is the transport service. We in Dr. MPS world school have a dream and this dream begins and ends with the students that have been entrusted to us.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ” Eleanor Roosevelt


Charles Clarance